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imageThey allow two network participants to conduct transactions off the blockchain without needing permission from miners or validator nodes. These are best described as state channels, a subcategory of L2s. But they are not as flexible, customizable or fast as compared to sidechains. Popular L2 solutions include Bitcoin’s Lightning Network and Binance Ethereum’s Raiden Network. These are easier to implement and have a place in terms of increasing transaction speed.

… Hedera’s proof-of-stake public network uses hbars, which are staked or proxy staked (coming soon) to a network node, to weight votes on transactions when reaching consensus. HBAR is the native, energy-efficient cryptocurrency of the Hedera public network .

There’s no short-term interest-fee loan involved. On this level, Bitcoins operate like cash—the money goes directly from you to the merchant. That, in turn, means that the transaction doesn’t come with a credit card’s traditional guarantees of security. You can ask nicely for your money back, but by default there’s no third party to step in on your behalf and reverse the transaction.

Well aside from being able to see how much richer others might be than you, it actually serves a very valuable purpose: you can verify each transaction you’ve ever sent or received. As the famous saying goes: " Don’t trust, verify" – with cryptocurrencies, you can verify everything relating to transactions. What does this mean for you? If you feel like the service you are using isn’t showing the correct amount of Bitcoins, you can take a look for yourself and see whether it matches. So how can you check the entire history of a blockchain? Also if your friend "promised he made the transaction already" even though you haven’t received it, you can check the validity of their claim directly on the blockchain itself.

For those unfamiliar with cryptocurrency transactions, this might seem quite confusing. Now to the practical part: let’s analyze a transaction on a block explorer. Here’s a screenshot from the block explorer for a Bitcoin transaction: A mishmash of numbers and letters. Let’s break this down into smaller sections, and go over each separately.

Bruce was friends with Patrick Byrne,’s CEO, and this is how Tron became involved with Ravencoin. Tron Black is one of seven lead developers of Ravencoin works for Medici Ventures, a wholly-owned subsidiary of

This is, in short, a distributed ledger of all transactions. They make use of a technology called blockchain. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are very unique when comparing them to traditional money. What this means is that all the transactions ever made for each cryptocurrency are recorded on a single blockchain, holding its entire history.

The transaction hash, also known as the Transaction ID, is the identifier of this specific transaction. If you ever want to look up the details of a certain transaction, you’ll need to enter this string of code into a block explorer. In simpler words: it’s the code associated with this transaction.

Greg has worked in startups for 15 years — 10 years with Silicon Valley tech companies and five years building crypto projects. He’s best known for co-founding the Akash Network and AngelHack and helping Kadena grow from $80 million to over $4 billion in 100 days. Gregory Gopman is a tech entrepreneur working in the blockchain space where he serves as the chief marketing officer of Ankr and runs a blockchain consultancy called Mewn that helps launch projects and grow their valuation.

And this is the biggest pitfall associated with the sidechain: They rely on the DApp developers’ proficiency in running their own infrastructure. Other infrastructure companies will surely follow. Companies such as Ankr have begun solving this by offering App-Chain-in-a-Box solutions. The advantages of sidechains far outweigh the security vulnerabilities once the industry makes good standards.

It’s spawned a host of other made-up currencies, some a lot loopier ("Dogecoin" and "Coinye West," anyone?) than others. The Winklevoss twins, having graduated from claiming to have invented Facebook, love the virtual currency so much that as of November they bought up 1 percent of all "BTC" in circulation. Some of the virtual currency’s more public uses have been to buy drugs or procure hit men.

It also connects with state-of-the-art IoT solutions as well. The blockchain is managed by the VeChain Foundation. VeChain’s is an enterprise-level public blockchain with use cases in several industries like automobile, logistics, healthcare, btc and even luxury fashion.

imageAt the tech-policy site, founder Mike Masnick elected to take Bitcoin as payment starting in November, using Bitpay to handle those transactions. "Bitpay’s customer service was dreadful," he wrote, citing issues getting transactions over $100 to go through. And the inexperience of some Bitcoin processors can inflict different costs.

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